50 50 – The Addictive Slicing Game Cheats

50 – The Addictive Slicing Game is a fresh out of the plastic new confuse game, made and discharged by the App Design Company UK. With such a general name and a sorry history, this engineer is barely noticeable on the Stores. Beforehand they have distributed the application Landau Fashion Footwear Blog, while they are simply stepping into gaming for 2016.

50 – The Addictive Slicing Game is evaluated with a sensible, yet for the most part normal 4.2/5 stars on the Google Play Store, while having a fairly better 4.5/5 stars rating on the Apple App Store in 2016. Despite the fact that this is the main game distributed by the engineer, it has as of now achieved near 1 million downloads, with a for the most part positive gathering from players. However, it is safe to say that this is riddle game really as addictive as its title proposes? We should discover!

Around 50 – The Addictive Slicing Game

Most confound games nowadays can be categorized as one of two classifications: They are either garish, brimming with in-application buys and hold up times to compel players into spending genuine cash, or they are fairly straightforward in configuration, while for the most part permitting players to open everything for nothing, in return for watching advertisements. 50 – The Addictive Slicing Game is one that fits into the second classification most, as its visuals are fairly moderate, lacking of any embellishments or complex representation. It likewise has an open framework that may be discovered reasonable by generally players.

50 50 – The Addictive Slicing Game Cheats

To start with things first however, what is the gameplay about? All things considered, it’s anything but difficult to clarify. Your assignment in this game is to cut different shapes into two pieces that are the same size. This doesn’t implied that you need to cut them into impeccable parts, however that the surface of the shapes ought to be equivalent in size. You will get the opportunity to use this trap in the 300 essential levels that the game offers.

Presently, once you enter a level, you will be introduced a shape, as every level can just contain one shape. You then need to tap a part of the screen, then drag your finger in the heading where you need to cut. The line between the starting and the end purpose of where your finger touched the screen will be demonstrated by a dashed line, indicating where the cut will be made once you discharge your finger.

When you do discharge your finger, the cut will be made, and 50 – The Addictive Slicing Game will let you know how huge the two pieces are, unequivocally shown by rates. You will likely stay underneath 1% of a contrast between the two sides, and on the off chance that you go higher than that, then the level checks a fizzled. Contingent upon that you are so near half on every piece, you will get a star rating up to three stars. You can obviously retry any number of times without holding up, until the level is at last finished. At that point you get the opportunity to move onto the following one.

At first you will just have the fundamental Shapes, Alphabet and the exceptional Olympic level packs opened, each having 20 levels, however once you achieve 100 stars the Numbers pack will open. At that point at 150 stars you will get the Sports pack, et cetera. You will have the capacity to cut Ink Blots, Nature shapes, Food, Animals, Countries and that’s just the beginning! Due to this star construct open framework your execution with respect to every level is vital.

In the event that you need some additional test, then you could likewise choose to play the essential 300 levels in Pulse or Spin modes, which are opened after 100 and 250 stars. In Pulse mode the shapes will beat, gradually changing sizes and making it harder to make flawless cuts. In Spin mode the shapes will continue turning around gradually, making it much harder to cut them right. These are modes for individuals who need some genuine test!

50 50 – The Addictive Slicing Game Cheats

You may imagine this appears to be fairly fun as of now, yet 50 – The Addictive Slicing Game has considerably more things to show you! It has two totally isolate modes, which are not identified with the essential levels by any means. You can choose to play Arcade or Endurance mode from the earliest starting point. One of the principle courses in which these modes vary is that they have every one of the shapes primed and ready, without you having to first open them in the primary level packs.

Arcade mode is for the individuals who like to race the clock, as in this mode you have 60 seconds to cut the greatest number of shapes as you can. You will be arbitrarily alloted shapes to cut, and on the off chance that you effectively cut one of them with 3 stars, then your clock will recover 2 seconds. You can likewise commit the same number of errors as you need, there is no punishment for doing as such.

Continuance mode is somewhat distinctive, as rather than a clock, here you have one and only opportunity to cut every shape. In the event that you effectively cut the shape into equivalent pieces, then you will be given another to proceed with. This goes ahead until you at last neglect to cut a shape all around ok, finishing your streak. Both this and Arcade mode has a worldwide leaderboard where individuals can analyze their best scores.

Despite the fact that you can open the greater part of the levels in 50 – The Addictive Slicing Game for nothing, regardless it offers a couple in-application buys for the less patient players. On the off chance that you are among them, then you can consider paying $0.99 for 25 stars, or can even run hard and fast with the greatest $2.99 for 200 stars. Furthermore, since the game has popup promotions after consistently or third level, you can pay $0.99 to incapacitate these forever.

Cheats and Tips for 50 – The Addictive Slicing Game

50 – The Addictive Slicing Game will be game that you first think will be simple, however proceeding onward you will understand that it can turn out to be entirely testing. Consequently there are different tricks to anticipate in the game! On the off chance that you need to hear some more about these tricks, or simply wish to get a few tips and traps, then read on beneath!

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One of my most loved tricks in this game is the capacity to get 15 stars for nothing once. You can do this by heading off to the stars menu, then picking the “Survey for 15 stars” choice. When you tap this the game will take you to the Store, requesting that you compose an audit. Obviously, on the off chance that you need to you can do this, yet even without doing anything the game will credit the 15 stars to you immediately.

An optional trick strategy in 50 – The Addictive Slicing Game to getting all the more free stars is essentially watching advertisements. You can do this physically in the stars menu, acquiring one star for every advertisement viewed. This won’t not seem like much, but rather in some cases you just need that one single star to open something!

On the off chance that you loathe watching advertisements, there is a decision left for you also! Since the game permits any level to be replayed, you can really utilize this to win additional stars. On the off chance that for reasons unknown you just figured out how to get maybe a couple stars on a past level, then why not attempt once more? On the off chance that you figure out how to do a near flawless cut the second time around, the additional stars will be given to you without an inquiry. Doing this in 50 – The Addictive Slicing Game can guarantee that you open everything the at the most punctual conceivable time!

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You could think of one as last cheat, which is the capacity to proceed once subsequent to falling flat in Endurance mode. Simply tap on the “Watch an Ad” catch, hold up until the advertisement completes the process of playing, then you will get another opportunity to cut current shape. On the off chance that you are going for the high scores, then I prescribe doing this at whatever point you can!

50 – The Addictive Slicing Game Review

Subsequent to playing the most prominent games that are commended by everybody, some of the time it gropes decent to pick something that is somewhat less prominent, however conceivable pretty much as or significantly more addictive. 50 – The Addictive Slicing Game cases to be such a title, however how genuine it is safe to say that this is?

The exceedingly moderate style of this game emerges even among other moderate games, as it’s essentially made up of a strong dark foundation and different shapes on every level. The vast majority of these shapes are basically white, the main exemptions are the Olympic ones, which are hued as indicated by the Brazil banner. This may be a side road for a few people, however I for one appreciated these straightforward visuals.

Moving onto the gameplay, I discovered something pretty much as simple to get the grip of: Having to cut shapes into two pieces, while attempting to ensure they are as equivalent as could be allowed. I officially enjoyed this workman when I read about it in the game’s depiction, yet it’s generally as fun in real life! I truly enjoyed how the game displayed me the careful rates of every piece’s size, making it simpler to alter my next cut, in the event that I fizzled already.




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