Dragon City Hack And Cheats Unlimited Free Gems

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Dragon City Hack And Cheats Unlimited Free Gems

There are hundreds of dragon city hack, tips, guides, and tricks on how to get free gems, gold or foods. But here’s what makes this one different. I’ve played dragon city for more than 5 years already.

In fact, this guide your reading right now has made a lot of our followers and new players saved thousands of bucks from spending in gems.

dragon city hack

If you just started playing dragon city, it’s easy to wonder …

Is it reasonable to spend money in this game to get an advantage on other players?

For that matter, how do high-level players get free gems without paying? Are they using dragon city gem hack? or do they use modded apk to hack dragon city? or something else?

Well, let’s take a look at exactly how they did it. Here’s the complete guide on how to earn free gems in dragon city.

Best Way To Earn Free Gems

Level Up

The first thing you have to do is to level up. Every time when you level up beside other items which will be unblocked, you will get a certain number of gems.

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Dragon Book Collections

Another way in which you can obtain free jams is by finishing the collections from the dragon book. For each collection, you get a certain number of gems…

Jewelem’s Tower

When reaching level 12 the Jewelem tower will be unblocked. After you rebuild the tower you can get from 1 gem once every 24 hours.

League and Arena Battles

Free gems can also be obtained in the League battles and arena battles. In the league battles after you beat all the opponents, you will get a certain amount of gems.

Watching Videos and Completing Tasks in Freebies Island

The arena is divided into categories by elements. When you are promoted to the arena with a new element you will be rewarded with gems.

The freebies island is another source of free gems it is divided into two parts. In the first part from the left side after watching the video, you get rewards. There are certain periods in which you get gems.

In the second part on the right side, there are certain tasks. You have to play certain games and after reaching the described goal you will get the indicated number of gems. The progress section will show you the status of your tasks.

Dragon Market

Dragon market is a building where you can obtain food or gold by sending a help request to your friends. If 10 of your friends accept the job you can get 1 extra gem.

Completing Goals

If you tap on the goals you can see different goals that give you gems as a reward.

Completing Tasks in Events

In Dragon City, there are events every day. most of the events give gems after finishing certain tasks.

Get 500 Gems Reward in HEROIC RACE

The more Laps you complete, the higher the chance of uncovering his treasure chests, with a 100% chance at LAP 45. Shiver me timbers! That’s not all, there are still huge REWARDS guaranteed at each Lap.

Fastest Way To Level Up And Farm Gold

Farming golds in dragon city is not an easy task. Unless you know all the tricks to get faster gold and experience to level up. Today we will guide you on how to generate gold faster. You will also be able to level up faster in dragon city by following this method.

Picking The Right Dragons

Before you start collecting dragons, the first thing you should do is picking the highest generating gold dragons. Right now, Earth dragons are the highest gold generation. Pick the best dragon and start leveling them up by feeding them food. This will increase more gold to generate. Higher levels of the dragon will give you a faster gold gain rate.

Sell Dragon Eggs After Breeding

By the time you have enough gems, buy an ultra breeding tree. There is a huge gold profit that you can get from breeding your dragons.

Upgrade Your Dragon Habitats

By upgrading your dragon habitats, this will also increase the number of dragons you can house including the max capacity of gold. The more dragons in each habitat will give you a faster gold rate!

Build Boosts

At a certain level, dragon city will allow you to build boosts and increase the rate of dragons to generate gold.

Win In Dragon Fights

Build the stadium when its available and fight in combat world to earn gold for your dragon.

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Expand Your Dragon Islands

To farm gold faster, you will also need land to accommodate more dragons. So save up some gold and expand your dragons islands.

How To Hack Dragon City

This new dragon city mod apk is a fun tool where you can finally bread your strongest dragon and fight them in battles. Our dragon city gems cheat has a lot to offer and with unique features that are very different from other dragon city cheats online.

Using this hack tool can be overwhelming. Especially, when you are just starting out in this game. Just check out this video on how we spent 10 million gems in just a few minutes.

We have created a lot of dragon city cheats before and so far, this is the most reliable version we have come up with. With the help of our dedicated team of coders and beta tester, we are now finally releasing it for free. This could be your time to test our hack for dragon city whether you are playing it on mobile or desktop.

Are you a mobile gamer? now you can use our hacks without downloading any files on your android or ios device. You don’t even need a rooted or jailbroken devices to access our tools.




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Tips on how to set up Dragon City Hack And Cheats Unlimited Free Gems FREE :

1- Download using mirrors available, be sure to follow the instructions
2- Open .exe or .rar file and follow instructions
3- Install - Update is required after installation!

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