Toca Kitchen 2 Cheats, Tips, & Hack

Toca Kitchen 2 is a child agreeable cooking game, the continuation of the first Toca Kitchen, made by Toca Boca AB for 2016. This designer is most outstanding for their wide assortment of Toca recreations, for example, Toca Hair Salon 2, Toca Mini, Toca Life: City, or Toca Blocks.

Evaluations insightful Toca Kitchen 2 has gotten 4.4/5 stars on the Google Play Store since discharge, with somewhere around 10 and 50 million downloads in 2016. The game is additionally accessible on the Apple App Store, however it costs $2.99 as opposed to being free similar to on Android, and consequently it has way less appraisals. Consequently I will take a gander at the Android rendition to check whether its value playing, so take after along on the off chance that you are intrigued!

About Toca Kitchen 2

Generally cooking games are the run of the mill feel great recreations, where you are compensated with decent words for each dish you do well, and they are for the most part exceptionally lenient encounters. Toca Kitchen 2 is not a merciless game either, but rather as opposed to getting just decent words back, when you bolster the characters in this game they may let you know that they detested the dish! This is not an issue however, as the opportunity of the Toca Kitchen games is in the capacity to blend and match any fixings, making the craziest or the most delicious formulas.


When you step into the game’s menus, the primary thing you will need to do is pick one of the three conceivable characters, who you will make the dishes for. The three decisions are a young lady, a kid and a sasquatch like beast. You heard that privilege, alongside the two human characters, who incline toward well made nourishment, you can likewise pick a sasquatch, who is less fastidious.

When you made your determination, you will be sent to a table, confronting the picked character. From here you can swipe from the left half of the screen to open up the sustenance stockpiling, posting all the accessible fixings. These fixings incorporate apple, corn, mushrooms, watermelon, bread, pasta, rice, onions, fish, different meat, fish, broccoli etc. There are 24 decisions in general, and you can pick any of them for nothing.

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A few fixings in Toca Kitchen 2 can be displayed crude to the characters, for example, the organic product or vegetables, however the vast majority of them are better arranged somehow. Thus, you can swipe from the right half of the screen to open the rundown of kitchen tooles. These six machines are the cutting board, juice creator, skillet, profound fryer, cooking pot and the stove. Subsequent to putting your fixings on plates in the menu opened at the base of the screen, simply tap on any of the tooles you need to utilize.

After a snappy move to another screen, you will confront the picked tool, for example, the cooking pot. Simply open the same menu at the base of the screen where you put away your fixings, then get and toss them into the pot one by one. Know that you can just cook three things in the meantime, and this limit applies to alternate tooles and machines too. At the point when the nourishment is in the cooking pot, it just takes a few moments for it to cook, then you can put it back on the plates and come back to the table.

Backtracking to the table of Toca Kitchen 2, this is an ideal opportunity to serve the dish you simply made! Tap and get the cooked fixings from the plates in the menu at the base, then simply place or toss them out onto the plate before the character. This time you can as of now see their appearances change contingent upon whether they envision the sustenance set before them or not.


To nourish it to them basically simply tap and hang on the sustenance thing, then drag it to their mouth. On the off chance that they particularly detest it they won’t not in any case open their mouth, yet else they will eat whatever you gave them. In the wake of biting on it for a few moments, they will either have a blissful expression, or you will hear a noisy “ew!”. In the event that the nourishment was genuinely repulsive, then they will spit it out, demonstrating their repugnance. In the event that you sustain them various well made things in the meantime, then they will even burp at last, communicating that they preferred it.

This is essentially the gameplay circle of Toca Kitchen 2: Pick from the fixings, place them on the plates, set them up utilizing the machines, then do a reversal to the table and serve the dish. Obviously, you are not compelled to get these characters to appreciate the sustenance, and can rather make particularly digusting dishes also. Why not attempt some crude meat, potato and squeezed apple all in one? Possibly some cooked pineapple with some cut bread, prepared with bean stew? Give your creative energy a chance to run wild!

You may be astonished, yet Toca Kitchen 2 doesn’t have any in-application buys or promotions, and is totally free on Android. In this manner it’s certainly a sheltered game made for children and grown-ups alike.

Cheats and Tips for Toca Kitchen 2

Indeed, even while Toca Kitchen 2 offers no monetary standards or in-application buys at all, there are still a couple tricks to anticipate! In the event that you wish to take in some more about said cheats, or simply need to take in a few tips or traps for the gameplay, then read on!

Toca Kitchen 2 Cheats, Tips, & Hack

One of the primary tips that you ought to remember is that you can convey up to five distinct fixings between screens whenever. At first it won’t not be self-evident, and you will presumably attempt to move and customize fixings specifically into the machines, yet this is not the most effective way. In the first place simply put the fixings on the plates by opening the menu at the base of the screen, then utilize these to move various sustenance things in the meantime!

A second thing to consider is that characters may deny certain things. Gratefully Toca Kitchen 2 offers a wide assortment of kitchen machines to utilize, and if a character detests singed potatoes, then take a stab at cooking or preparing it!

Toca Kitchen 2 Cheats, Tips, & Hack

Another approach to make them like the sustenance you just made is by adding different flavors or seasonings to the nourishment. For instance, in the event that one character denies cooked shrimp, putting some salt and hot sause on it could offer assistance! Simply open the menu at the base and swipe to one side to get to flavors, seasonings, ketchup and that’s just the beginning!

Toca Kitchen 2 Review

Subsequent to achieving a compelling level of prevalence, I really wanted to investigate Toca Kitchen 2 at long last. What is so addicting about this cooking game that more than 10 million individuals have downloaded it as such? This is the thing that I needed to discover the responses for now.

The reason of Toca Kitchen 2 is amazingly basic, but then I couldn’t locate a major issue with it. The game is about making up different formulas and dishes, then serving them to senseless looking characters. There are no real objectives or any sort of pointer what I ought to do in this game, yet regardless I messed around with it.

It’s additionally simple to learn, so it’s a flawless fit for youthful kids. Just snatching fixings and tossing them in the cooking pot, on the skillet or even in the broiler is conceivable in a quick and proficient way. I preferred blending and coordinating the different fixings, making insane mixes, for example, watermelon with soy sauce, ketchup and some shrimp juice. At different times I made dishes that would be consumable even, all things considered, for example, some delicious prepared frankfurters with apple and mango juice.




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